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Yoga Retreat in Provence

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Crillon Le Brave can be fully adapted to host private and personalized yoga retreats. Compose your ideal program from a wide selection of: yoga classes around the pool, stretching, nature walks, meditation workshops, relaxation at the spa, sharing moments and tasting dishes cooked by our chef. In the evening, come and enjoy the comfort and authentic atmosphere of the rooms for a well-deserved sleep. Between discoveries, conviviality, rest and surpassing yourself, Crillon Le Brave invites you to organize a yoga retreat in Provence, like a lost paradise imagined especially for you.


A tailor-made program for your yoga retreat in Provence

From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, Crillon Le Brave is the perfect setting. It is in the magnificent typical village of Crillon Le Brave, facing the Mont Ventoux, where our teams are waiting to welcome you for a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. What could be more energizing than the sun of Provence to wake up and fill up with Vitamin D?

In partnership with our teams, you can compose the course of your ideal day according to your desires. From morning to night, enjoy the Provencal way of life in a dream setting, conducive to relaxation.

Between two yoga classes, take advantage of the hotel's exceptional services and spaces. As a group, relax during a massage performed by one of our specialists at the Tata Harper spa, enjoy a reading break and a few swims at the pool or put on your favorite sneakers for a tennis lesson. Of course, Crillon le Brave also offers you the opportunity to visit the small villages in the area, with their inimitable charm. When the sun starts to set in the valley, it's time for dinner at the Table du Ventoux with Chef Adrien Brunet, who puts Provence in the spotlight with a sharing cuisine prepared with the best local products.


A yoga retreat in Provence in the comfort of a 5-star hotel

From the very first glance, the place is captivating with its beauty and its stone walls that intertwine with those of the small village of Crillon Le Brave. Enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the hotel's garden and its intoxicating scents of pergolas, the ideal place for a yoga retreat in Provence. After a day of yoga classes, meditations and walking, join the arms of Morpheus, with a free and peaceful mind. Each room has its own unique charm, between authenticity and poetry, inviting you to dream and get ready to start a new day!


Pilates flow with Elena during the yoga retrat at Crillon le Brave 

From 21 to 23 April 2023, treat yourself to a break in the heart of Provence with our wellness weekend which invites Pilates beginners and experts to reconnect with themselves through a daily practice. Pilates classes are offered and supervised by dancer and teacher Elena Berti. During your stay, you will enjoy two nights' accommodation in the category of your choice and a buffet breakfast. In the morning, you will enjoy a body wake-up call followed by a two-hour Pilate walk. A light lunch with the flavours of Provence awaits you at the restaurant La Table du Ventoux. Then, after this delicious lunch, let yourself be carried away by Elena's 90-minute Pilates class and then Tata Harper's masterclass, with the creation of detox juices. You will have the chance to enjoy a 3 course dinner at the bistronomic restaurant La Table du Ventoux.


What is Elena Berti's background? 

After her studies and training in classical dance for 10 years, Elena Berti joined the "Hot Jazz Dance Company" as a dancer. At the same time, she took JAZZ training courses and advanced courses with international choreographers and teachers: Erika Rhoda, Peter Goss, and many others. A few years later, she created her own dance centre "Axe" in Pistoia (Tuscany) and in 1990 she founded the "Danse-Théâtre School" in Pistoia, where she teaches modern-jazz dance. She then moved to France and passed her exams at the Conservatory of Avignon. In 2000 she was appointed artistic director of the dance centre "Movimento" in Orange. In 2003, she created her own art centre "ARTEDANZA" where she and her team teach modern-jazz and classical dance, theatre, singing and acrobatics. Later, Elena attended PILATES training courses with Thierry Vezies and Karine Lerquin and obtained the National Pilates Teacher Diploma. In 2018 she obtained the National Diploma as a Pilates teacher and also the National Diploma as a HATHA YOGA teacher. Finally, in 2020, she received the ASI / CONI diploma in postural gymnastics and personal trainer. 
She opened her new Movimento Centre in September 2017. A space dedicated to the practice of Pilates and other group classes with respect to the development of body and mind.


What types of yoga are practiced on this retreat?

Pilates Matwork is a gentle gymnastics for the body, consisting of a series of postural and movement exercises. These exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch the deep muscles, stabilise them and optimise their function, thus promoting body alignment.


What are the main principles of Pilate? 

- Control of the movement
Each movement from start to finish must be controlled in space and time.

- Breathing 
Breathing is an essential component of the "breathe your exercises" method. Breathe deeply with the chest, not by inflating the abdomen. This technique muscles and tones the abdominal muscles.

- Fluidity
The body is almost always in motion, but the movements are slow because they are carried out using the deep muscles. It is the coordination between the nervous system and the musculo-articular system that allows this fluidity.

- Precision
The exercises are linked in a precise way by eliminating parasite movements (perfect work between agonist and antagonist).

- Concentration
Each movement, each breath must be reflected and come from the centre of the body.

- Centering
Whatever the exercise, the belly must be pulled in to work the deep abdominals; "Everything comes from the belly" which is the centre of gravity.

- Stability
It is the ability to keep a part of the body immobile and in particular the torso which is part of the elegance of this method.

- Relaxation
In order to relax and loosen the muscles and to work on the amplitudes.


What are the benefits of yoga that you will feel after your yoga retreat? 

Whether you are simply trying to maintain a minimum level of physical activity, want to lose weight or achieve a workout worthy of a top athlete, the benefits of Pilates are numerous! From a physical point of view, the method aims to strengthen your well-being and involves all your muscles. In particular, Pilates helps to strengthen the back and improve general posture, but also to tone all the muscles involved. Coordination is strengthened, and the work on breathing improves breathing capacity, stimulates blood circulation and also helps you to relax. Finally, on the mental side, Pilates boosts the ability to concentrate and helps to better manage stress.


Book your yoga retreat with Elena to enjoy the exceptional scenery of the Crillon le Brave hotel and the benefits of yoga.


Hotel Crillon le Brave opens on April 7th, 2023. To learn more about us and book your stay, visit our website or contact our reservations team at or by phone at +33 4 90 65 61 61

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