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Mont Ventoux is the famous ascent which attracts all cycling enthusiasts, but the Giant of Provence can also be conquered on foot; a great idea if you want to take advantage of the breathtaking landscape. Depending on your interests, explore the village and its surroundings, between vineyards and ochre quarries, on foot, horseback, or by electric bike (hybrid bikes available at the hotel). In any case, the extraordinary panoramas of the Ventoux and the Luberon await you.



Can you think of a better afternoon than cycling along the paths lined with vineyards and lavender fields? This legendary summit, Mont Ventoux is challenging for even the most skillful cyclists. Dominating the valley, at an altitude of 1912 meters, the Mont Ventoux bears the nickname "Giant of Provence". The Mont Ventoux extends over twenty-five kilometers from West to East and over 8 kilometers from North to South.

The ascent by bike can be done from Bédoin, Sault or Malaucène. The ascent from Bédoin is the most difficult, but by far the most famous. The Mont Ventoux is a difficult journey, because of both its slope and also the dryness of its summit which subjects cyclist to the sun in the summe, to the harsh cold in the winter and sometimes totally frightful winds. Even the most experienced cyclists will have to prepare themselves for The Giant and be careful not to underestimate the harshness of its slopes, let alone its unstable and often scorching climate.

The unobstructed view is the best reason to attempt the summit, giving those who conquer it the impression they are on top of the world! On a clear day, you will have the chance to admire the Alps, the Massif Central, the Rhone Valley, and even the Mediterranean Sea if you are lucky. A real reward for the effort required to climb it by bike.



The Giant of Provence can also be conquered on foot where you are able to take advantage of the surroundings. About 23 km and 7 hours of walking, this breaks down to 4 hours of ascent, 3 hours of descent and not to forget the break at the top. Despite its 1500 meters of difference in altitude the Mont Ventoux ascent is not as difficult as it seems. Ensure you have enough water and warm clothes to face the cold temperatures of the summit, where you can see the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Alps in the north, if the weather allows!

Whether you travel on foot, horseback or by electric bike (hybrid bikes available at the hotel), take this opportunity to explore the village and its surroundings as the extraordinary panoramas of the Ventoux and the Luberon are waiting for you!


The different accesses leading to the summit of Mont Ventoux ?

To reach the Giant of Provence there are three accesses to the summit. Bédoin, Malaucène and Sault are the three starting towns for the routes to the top of the Ventoux. Each route has its own characteristics (distance and difference in altitude).


What is the average duration of the ascent to Mont Ventoux by bicycle?

The duration of the climb will depend on your level, the chosen route but also on external parameters such as the wind. To give you an idea, a climb in 1 hour 30 minutes or less is considered very good, 2 hours a good level and in 2 hours 30 minutes an intermediate level, etc...


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