Maisons Pariente

Le Brave

A new story

A sublime exile

far from the outside world, facing Mont Ventoux

In the heart of Vaucluse, a splendid 5-star hideaway reserved for those looking to disconnect from the urban frenzy and reconnect in a sublime natural environment of authenticity.

First glance, first emotions: facing landscapes of hypnotic beauty, the architectural ensemble made entirely of blond Crillon stone stands at the very top of the village and exudes an atmosphere full of charm and elegance. The Hotel Crillon le Brave stands like a peaceful haven facing the mountains of Ventoux, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves typical of Provence.

Surrounding the church, a marvellous labyrinth of 17th and 18th century buildings lined with Virginia creeper, a secret passage is revealed leading to a panoramic terrace overlooking the breath-taking Mont-Ventoux. A dozen old houses make up the hotel, giving it a special, private and exclusive charm, creating a timeless getaway in Mont Ventoux

In Crillon le Brave, the luxury hotel literally merges with Mont Ventoux. More than a concept, a heritage, more than a destination, a private refuge. Enjoy a moment out of time with your family or loved ones.

Rooms & Suites

The ultimate refinement

In the 17 rooms and 17 suites of the Crillon le Brave hotel, the old red floor tiles typical of Provence contrast with the warm subtle decor. Strong linen, natural nuances in half-tones, cosy plaids, soft materials… The serene atmosphere invites rest and luxurious relaxation throughout this 5-star hotel in Mont Ventoux.


The decorator Charles Zana

In the spring of 2017, the family dreamt of telling a new story through this destination. Decorator Charles Zana gives a new style to the common areas of the hotel, as well as to the suites and rooms, while respecting the character and identity of the place. The restaurants and bar boast a breath-taking view of Mont Ventoux and now display a brand-new decor, where the eternal codes of Provence find a new modernity.

For the Pariente family, it is a question of going further and making this extraordinary address a benchmark for the French art of living for modern aesthetes around the world. Thus was born the Hôtel du Mont Ventoux, with its majestic decor directly inspired by the spirit of the South of France.

The restaurant

Thomas Lesage, the Executive Chef, offers the rich flavours of Provence on a platter in our restaurant, revealing an impressive view of Mont Ventoux.

From breakfast to dinner, La Table du Ventoux is the beating heart of the Crillon le Brave hotel, where we meet around authentic and tasty cuisine highlighting the finest local products.


Cut off from the world, set in the old stone vaulted stables from the 18th century, the bouquets of lavender have taken their place in the restored stone mangers. Under the monumental arches, the blond stone of Crillon le Brave makes the atmosphere extraordinarily soft and creates a subdued intimate setting perfect for completely disconnecting. Isolated from outside noise and daylight, the Spa des Ecuries is the heart of the Mont Ventoux hotel and has everything needed to soothe the mind and body.

In this protected sanctuary, three rooms, including one double, allow you to take full advantage of the treatment rituals. Entirely adapted to the personal needs of each individual, the face and body treatments use the active ingredients of organic plant extracts and essential oils. All of nature's restorative powers work in synergy with the expertise of the spa therapists to rekindle your health.


The mythical ascent of Mont Ventoux by bike or on foot, the charming villages of the Luberon, the antique shops and art galleries, the art of living and gastronomy, the famous vineyards...

Provence conceals many treasures that can be discovered throughout hotel Crillon le Brave, which we will share according to your desires and your passions.

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Provencal villages

Provencal villages

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