Think Cavaillon melon, Carpentras strawberries, the long black fig of Caromb, Alpilles lamb, Provençal pistou and Bergeron apricots from the Rhône Valley. Not to mention tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines – the stars of Provence markets! At the Hotel Crillon le Brave, Mediterranean cuisine is served in original, gourmet and bistro versions, tahnks to the talent of Anissa Boulesteix. 


Originally from Nantes and famous for her participation in the TV cooking contest “Top Chef”, the young Chef of Crillon le Brave’s kitchens was trained by Thierry Marx, with whom she shares the same humanist values and a kind approach. Anissa Boulesteix always strives to surpass herself, yet defends above all the team spirit: cheerful, positive energy and respect for
others are all part of her daily recipe. No stranger to palace tables, from Courchevel to Saint-Tropez, she has experience of the level of quality required by high gastronomy. For her, culinary excellence necessarily starts with exceptional products.

At Crillon le Brave, she found excellent local products, in perfect keeping with her Mediterranean sensitivity. Very quickly, she was able to source small producers cultivating treasures of taste, such as Mazan asparagus, Ventoux truffles, or Alpilles lamb. Both at the gastronomic restaurant La Madeleine and the Table du Ventoux, she favours a healthy, delicate and flavoursome cuisine, excellent food that does a world of good, where freshness and colours take centre stage. While respecting health, nature and the seasons, she is able to sublime the flavours without ever denaturing them.

La Table du Ventoux welcomes you everyday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm and from 7:00pm to 9:30pm for a simple and light cuisine. Sit out on the terrace or in the magnificent glass roof to savor a seasonal cuisine inspired by local meridional products. 

Our gastronomic restaurant La Madeleine welcomes you from 7:00pm to 9:30pm, from Wednesday to Saturday. A must for all epicureans, it is the ideal place for a cozy evening or a romantic dinner, in the magnificent  room or on the terrace, weather permitting. 

Both restaurants are currently closed until April 15th, 2020.