Jerome Blanchet

We think that Jérôme Blanchet is one of the most talented young French chefs of his generation.

Born on a farm in the Charente region and after culinary training in Limoges in western France, Jérôme had his first working experiences in the UK, and along with periods in the USA, his command of English became very good.  But his prodigious cooking talent is what sets him apart. 

Jérôme joined Four Seasons at Terres Blanches Provence and soon became part of a talented team that would work together for over 6 years. Head Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland, with Jérôme’s support, quickly acquired a Michelin star (in 2006) for Four Season’s Le Faventia Restaurant and  later moved to the famous Hôtel Le Negresco in Nice with the challenge of reinvigorating the legendary Chantecler Restaurant.  They quickly acquired a Michelin star, and then 2 years later, a coveted second star, which confirmed Rieubland (and Jérôme, his young Sous Chef protégé) as rising stars within the French restaurant world. 

In early 2013, wishing to spread his own wings as a head chef, Jérôme chose to travel west to Hotel Crillon le Brave where he now runs our entire restaurant operation, supported by a young kitchen brigade of many talents.

Classical and reliably executed, the key to Jérôme’s cuisine is the subtle balance of southern flavours that suit so well an evening dining on the terraces or in the vaulted dining room of one of Provence’s leading restaurants.