The Buildings of Hotel Crillon le Brave

The many buildings which make up the Hotel date back originally to the 17th and 18th centuries although the village traces its history to the Roman era two thousand years ago.  Like in many Provençal hill villages, each new generation constructed its homes on the ruins of their ancestors so that the buildings we see today have foundations and cellars that date back hundreds of years.
Most of the main seven buildings that make up the hotel today were once family dwellings but some had other uses as well. The Maison Salomon was the home and office of the local lawyer, Maison Soudain was an artist's studio and the Maison Roche was once the priest's house and was therefore at one time the school for village children.  One of our oldest neighbours (now deceased) recalled this era of the early 1900's which she remembered as a child.  Our garden and terraces were once a collection of four or five houses which had fallen into disrepair and were demolished by their owners in the 1960s.
In any event, each of our houses has its own character, its own views and its own charm, and when visiting Crillon, we think it is nice to imagine the hundreds of previous inhabitants who lived within these walls throughout the centuries.  We hope that you enjoy your stay in Crillon le Brave.
"spread across seven restored stone houses built in the 16th and 17th centuries."
Washington Post
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