Provence's 13 desserts tradition


Christmas is coming and with it comes a multitude of traditions in Provence… Among the oldest and most celebrated, the presentation of the 13 desserts! Symbolically rich, they represent the number of guests present at the Last Supper. Composed… read more

Harvesting wine tour


September is the harvest month for our winemaker friends! To showcase this special time of the year, why not pay a visit to some of the best and most famous wine domains of the Ventoux appellation? Here is a suggested tour that will take you to 5 of … read more

Our best awards


2016, and the beginning of 2017 have been rich in awards and recognitions. In January, we announced our rankings at TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards, a true testament to our work during the 2016 season.   We were electe… read more

Summer festivals in Provence


Summer has arrived in Crillon and as you start planning your vacation, don't forget to include one (or more) of the numerous festivals happening around Crillon! read more