Bistrot Team & Suppliers

It goes without saying that what you will eat in Bistrot is only as good as the raw ingredients that our partners and suppliers deliver to our kitchen door each day.  They are a passionate and eclectic group of individuals and small companies, some of whom represent decades of multi-generational heritage of the terroir, and others from the four corners of the world who have recognised les richesses of provençal agricultural life, have chosen to come to the region and lend their expertise to making a contribution for the benefit of us and our guests.

Pierre & Philippe Silvain
Silvain frères, Saint-Didier
- Nougat

Jean-Luc Tallet
Pisciculture "Le Petit Large" Saumane de Vaucluse
- Trout

Sarl potager d’olivier, Carpentras
- Fruit & vegetables

Roger Blanc
"L’escargots de Provence", Noves
- Snails, olives & tapenade

Thierry & Marie Hélène Enrietto, Modène
- Goat's cheese

Gilles Ribaudau
- Lamb 'Comte de Provence & des Alpilles', pork & charcuterie

Catherine Aptel
La Ferme du Rouret, Mazan
- Organic Chicken, fruit & vegetables

Jean-Noel & Raymond Haut
Le Moulin du Comtat, Caromb
- A.O.C. Olive Oil

Claire Liardet
Le Ventouret, Sault
- Epeautre, lentils & chick peas (organic)

Alexandre & Frédéric Chaudière
Château Pesquié, Mormoiron 
- Wine

André Tremblay
Domaine du Tix, Mormoiron
- Wine

James & Joanna King
Château Unang, Malemort-du-Comtat
- Wine